Buy PRS SE 245 Review – Paul Reed Smith’s Traditional Single-Cutaway

buy prs se 245 reviewThe PRS SE 245 is PRS’s take on the traditional single-cutaway guitar. PRS guitars are known for their legendary sustain and high quality mahogany tops. This model is a stripped-down and simple guitar that’s gig-ready and very affordable. It’s designed similarly to the Gibson Les Paul but much lower in cost.

Features Of The PRS SE 245

- Single cutaway design and classic shape.
- Front has a maple top; back is thick mahogany.
- 24.5-inch scale
- Rosewood fretboard with 22 frets.
- PRS-designed humbucker pickups.
- One tone knob, one volume knob, and 3-way toggle.
- Good tone and sustain.
- Ideal for any style of music.

What PRS SE 245 Reviews Have To Say

Almost every PRS SE 245 review said that they noticed first-off how natural this guitar feels. They say it’s really comfortable, especially if you’re used to playing small-scale guitars. This is the first PRS model with a 24.5-inch neck length, which is more standard then their usual 25-inch necks. The neck is a little wider than most (that’s the Paul Reed Smith style) but not at all uncomfortable. The guitar’s also light.

Like all PRS guitars, it has an excellent sustain. This is because of their trademark wrap-over bridge and tailpiece that’s bolted straight onto the body. The tone is good enough for recording and similar to that of a Gibson Les Paul, but not quite as dense. Although this guitar is designed for any style of music, lots of reviews said it’s especially good for hard rock like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Kiss.

Whenever you think PRS guitars, Santana’s name naturally comes to mind. He’s an expressive player who really works with the instrument’s sustain. The PRS SE 245 is great for expressive playing and the strings have a free and easy bend to them, but lots of reviews said it’s not so good for shredding. If you’re doing hyper-fast runs up and down the neck, you might want to choose something else. Reviews of the PRS SE 245 also said that the 22nd fret is really easy to hit and produces a good tone.

A few reviews said that the PRS SE 245 has a great distortion sound. The distortion has a good bite to it and it’s nice and loud, but it also has a smooth quality to it. This is because of the humbucker pickups that PRS guitars are known for.Reviews also say that it sounds good for recording and it’s great for both leads and rhythm.

The PRS SE 245 is a high quality guitar and unlike others in its class, it’s priced very reasonably. You can buy PRS SE 245 guitars for as little as $650, making it a great deal for the quality you get. Lots of PRS SE 245 reviews commented on how this is an excellent sounding guitar for an amazing price.

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